About Us

BOTEK R&D Chemistry Co. (BOTEK) with its innovative and need-oriented ideas is an industrial organization that produces high value-added products localized in accordance with international standards by our specialized human resources.

With its existing laboratory and testing facilities, 25 years of experience within the industry, Research and Development (R&D Center) activities, with a large scale of production infrastructure , engineering capability and the "know-how" it has developed, is a defense industry company that produces ALPAR MIL-PRF 23377 epoxy primer paint, ALPAR MIL-PRF 85285 polyurethane topcoat aircraft paint, ALPAR MIL-PRF 64159 chemical agents resistive coating (CARC) and critical chemicals for the defense industry in accordance with military and International Aviation Standards.

The main goal and will of our company is to supply the needs of our country in chemistry, paint and coating technology, to develop import substitute products within the framework of its field activity, and to export these goods. At the same time, to contribute to the development of the qualified workforce ecosystem and engineering infrastructure in our country, and to carry out high-tech R&D activities for the development of unique products.

With our ALPAR and ASPAR branded products, the engineering processes of which have been completed in the fields of chemistry, paint and coating for the needs of the Defense Industry, Industry, Building Materials and Construction sectors, engineering and performance efficient raw materials, semi-finished products and final products are supplied to the market.

As Botek R&D Chemistry Inc. we contribute to the development of national technology with the participation of a qualified workforce that creates added value with its existing laboratory and test facilities, engineering capability, facility and production infrastructure, uses resources efficiently, highly values industry-academy cooperation, and participates in the country's economy.