The symbol used in the ALPAR logo belongs to the Yuregir (Üregir) tribe, one of the Oguz tribes; It means “good business and order builder”.

-The word meaning of “ALPAR” is “Red/Bright, Bold, Hero, Brave”.

In order to be applied in the defense industry, Land Platform Missile systems, Air Defense Missile systems and Naval Platform Missile systems, domestic and nationalized defense industry products are offered to the defense industry with the "ALPAR" brand.

Our products produced under the ALPAR brand:

  • ALPAR MIL-PRF 23377 K type 1, C2 class epoxy primer paint
  • ALPAR MIL-PRF 85285E type 1, H class polyurethane topcoat aircraft paint
  • ALPAR MIL-PRF 64159 chemical agents resistive coating (CARC)