We offer products in the industrial field with our ASPAR and FIRETEK brands.

The symbol used in the ASPAR logo belongs to the Bayındır (Bayundur) tribe from the Oğuz tribes; It means “the place always full of blessings''.

- The word analysis of "ASPAR" means "doing useful work".

Building/Industry Group Products

Primer Paint

It is a 2-component polyamide epoxy resin based primer containing zinc phosphate.

Top Coating

It is a one-component silicone alkyd topcoat applied on fire retardant paint. It can be produced in various colors.

Passive Fire Retardant Paint

FP-12 is a decorative and fine-looking fire retardant coating designed to be applied on steel carriers inside buildings. Our Aspar and Firetek Branded Fire Retardant Paint System, certified in accordance with EN 13381 Standards, is used in various steel construction structures such as Hangars, Airports, Station Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Educational Buildings, Sports Facilities, Tunnels, Health Buildings, Public Service Buildings and Cultural Buildings.

Epoxy Floor Coating

It is a durable and hygienic floor covering for industrial floors. It creates a surface that is resistant to friction and abrasion on the floor where it is applied.

Polyurethane Floor Covering

It is a high strength floor covering with superior chemical resistance, resistant to impact and pressure, light and adverse weather conditions.

Antibacterial Interior Paint

We can provide antibacterial and antifungal interior paints for hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food manufacturing companies. Our interior paints are resistant to mold, algae and fungi and are produced and certified according to the TS-5808 certificate of conformity.

  • Milkpaint (IC-MP)
  • Milkpaint-W
  • Milkpaint-W-Clear
  • Air Duct Paint
  • Mas-Hv
  • Epoceramic-Fl Topcoat
  • Poly-X

Antibacterial Floor Paint

We can provide antibacterial, anti fungal, food codex approved floor coverings for hospitals, pharmaceutical factories and food manufacturing companies. Our floor coverings are produced and certified according to the TS 11590 certificate of conformity. It has been tested according to the Turkish Food Codex at the Institute of Hygiene.

  • Epoceramic Fl Topcoat
  • Poly X

Insulation Group Products

  • Thermal Paint
  • Sealing Paint
  • Heat Reflective Paint